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Doubleday was founded in 1897. Among their first bestsellers was The Day's Work by Rudyard Kipling. Today, Doubleday publishes an array of commercial fiction, literary fiction and serious nonfiction titles.

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House of Prayer No. 2: A Writer's Journey Home

House of Prayer No. 2: A Writer's Journey Home - Mark Richard I don't know about you, but a memoir about a writer whose early resume includes stints as a a disc jockey, fishing trawler deckhand, house painter, naval correspondent, aerial photographer, private investigator, foreign journalist, bartender and unsuccessful seminarian pretty much can't be bad. And this one is brilliant. It's sort of like a Southern "Running with Scissors," but it's so much more than that. Mark Richard overcame a seriously Southern Gothic upbringing and a crippling hip ailment to become an award-winning writer. He took the long way to the award-winning writer part (see list of jobs above), but in a time when it seems like you may as well hang it up if you haven't been high school valedictorian and graduated summa cum laude from Harvard, I found his circuitous route to success on his own terms incredibly encouraging.

Attention, eccentrics and daydreamers: this book is for you!

Oh, and the writing? It's astounding, not like anything you've ever read before. This book is not to be missed!